My Big Fat Greek Holiday with Dave

written by Alison Daniel Din Dins Founder

After just getting from a break on the beautiful Greek island of Kefallonia, impressive tan and beaming with holiday euphoria there’s one thing I can’t shake off my mind…. Dave.

Dave was our adopted stray cat who lived near our villa. Well he looked like a Dave.

Dave was a loveable soul and although we’d never discriminate on any animals looks, it has to be said, Dave was rather unfortunate looking. He had one boss eye, one gammy eye, covered in cuts and bites, and smelt of cheese. With a sneeze, a limp and disconcerting stare, Dave would come crying at our villa door every morning. This turned into a daily ritual of me dragging myself out of bed and feeding him tuna, sardines and anchovies.

Emma my holiday buddy was a bit worried Dave might be carrying a ghastly disease but unable to resist his charms she fussed him with the villa oven mitt (we did dispose of it before we left).

I was a bit annoyed with myself that I hadn’t packed my kit of Din Dins lotions and potions just in case I might meet a stray. I would have given Dave an external spray of colloidal silver with a quarter teaspoon in his food. A detox blend of rosemary (immune support and deterrent to fleas), calendula (a lymphatic cleanser and skin conditioner), milk thistle (support liver function), dandelion (help digestion and support liver), burdock (cleanse blood, liver and kidneys) and golden rod (flush the kidneys and urinary tract).

 Euphrasia 30c homeopathic would have been great dissolved in distilled water and soaked on a swab to bathe his eye.

 And then of course a good old probiotic to pop in his food to replace all of the good bacteria in his stomach to help support the immune system and fight infection.

 Concerned for Dave’s sad state of affairs, we discussed taking him to the vet. But how? We didn’t have a cat box and Dave wouldn’t allow it anyway.

Dave chilling out in the villa

What was Dave’s story? Who had he been scrapping with? He must have been living on wits.

Luckily summer season has just started in Greece so hopefully other holiday makers would keep Dave well fed but what happens to other dogs and cats like Dave in the winter?

I guess we can only do our best and offer what we can at the time. So let’s hope that the next villa tenants will love Dave as much as we did and give him a little dinner from time to time.

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