Give your pet a New Year health kick

It’s that time of year again, the festive period has taken its toll and the Din Dins team have been flicking though the pages of the health magazines talking detox.

Now your dog and cat of course will not have been quite as indulgent over Christmas, but a little New Year body cleanse for your pet can be beneficial.

A build-up of toxins throughout the year like processed food containing preservatives and colorants, chlorinated water, commercial flea collars, second hand cigarette smoke can put stress on your pet’s body. Exposure to toxins can weaken the immune system and impair the body’s natural ability to fight off disease.

Commercial pet food is not always suited to your pet’s body and if  their lifestyle contributes to a sluggish metabolism it’s often difficult to remove toxins or eliminate unwanted fats.

So the first thing to help eiminate toxins is to have a closer look at your pet’s food. Most of us are used to feeding commercial pet food but adding some raw foods will put in those essential nutrients and minerals that may have been destroyed though cooking and processing.

Put those sugary dog biscuits and treats to the back of the cupboard and try feeding raw chopped apples, carrots or broccoli stalks – or even add in a super greens supplement like Cleans Greens Powder by Pukka.

Cats (as we know) can be fussy, so chop or grate the raw fruit or vegetables and mix it with their regular pet food.

 Look out for Din Dins Vitamix supplement (launching in the spring) which is a unique blend of wholefood herbs, natural occurring enzymes and phytonutrients.

Commercially produced pet food may contain chemical substances that not only have little nutritional benefit but also seriously affect your pet’s health in the long and short term. Have a read of our blog on how to choose a better commercial pet food.

Unless your cat or dog have liver or kidney disease try herbs that purify the body like calendula, milk thistle, dandelion or golden rod will do wonders.  You should be able to hunt these down at your local health store, add once a day and feed 100mg for a cat, 200mg for small dog, 300mg medium and 400mg large for 10 -14 days.

We also suggest giving your pet filtered water instead, so investing in a Britta water filter is a great option for you and your pet.

And finally make sure your pet is getting a really good exercise routine. If you have an indoor cat make sure he or she has enough interesting toys to play with to keep active and remember even little dogs like chiwawas – although we know irresistible to pop in your handbag – need plenty of walking too.

Remember to always keep an eye on your pet’s health and if any symptoms persist please seek veterinary advice.

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