Din Dins Yuletide Lunch


Only one more shopping day to go and you might be picking up a new squeaky toy or sparkly collar for your precious pet.  But we thought you might also like to treat you cat or dog to his or her very own Christmas lunch this year.

So here is Din Dins delicious yet healthy yuletide meal  –  give it a go and let us know how it turned out!

And Merry Christmas for everyone at Din Dins!!

Din Dins Christmas Turkey with Stuffing


Time to Cook: 25 mins

Turkey skinless 1.1kg

Turkey Liver 300g

2 cups millet 150g

200g (2 cups) pumpkin

100g cabbage

½ cup cranberries or berries of any description (can be frozen)

1 apple

Step 1: Chop meat and sear meat or leave raw

Step 2: Soak the millet and cube and boil the pumpkin until soft

Step 3: chop finely and if possible puree and mix all of the ingredients together and put into daily portions. Freeze those that will not be eaten within 3-4 days.

Serving Suggestions:

Defrost or take out of fridge to achieve room temperature. This should provide approximately 8 cups of food so you can reduce or double accordingly depending on the size of your dog or cat.

Serving size per day

Average cat: 1 cup

Small dog: 1-1.5 cups

Medium dog: 2-3 cups

Large dog: 4-6 cups

Giant dog: 7-8 cups

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