How to Pamper Your Pet’s Paws

All that running around the park, chasing balls and long walks can take a toll on your dog’s paws, so we’ve just finished developing a super soothing Peppermint Paw Balm for Din Dins Pet Pampering Range.

We’ve used a gorgeous blend of natural ingredients including lavender for healing, shea butter and beeswax which create a protective seal on the paw pads and organic essential oils of peppermint, spearmint and tea tree which all have fantastic antibacterial properties.

Certain dogs are more prone to sore paws than others so apart from applying a good paw balm, here are a few other pampering ideas to keep any pooch’s paws in tip top condition.

Firstly make sure your dog’s paws are clean and fresh by using a hypoallergenic paw wipe to remove dirt or loose hairs which may be clogging up paws and causing sores and irritations. A quick bathe in organic lavender can be helpful. Always dry the pads well and immediately after.

Although your dog’s paws are fairly tough they can still be sensitive, and when exposed to natural elements encountered with normal exercise, injuries can occur. It is very important to check daily for cuts, scrapes or splinters, especially after a big walk or run. Applying a good paw balm will protect paws from every day wear and tear and if your dog is already suffering from cracked pads and dry patches it can heal those too. Look out for shea butter, beeswax, calendula, hypericum, comfrey and peppermint in the ingredients.

Trimming your dog’s paw nails regularly can help prevent cracked or broken nails. Just make sure you don’t trim too much as this can cause bleeding and discomfort. Just trim a little at a time on a regular basis and your dog with develop healthy nails. Make sure you keep their paws clean of debris. Some dogs grow more hair than others in between their toes, so keeping this hair trimmed will help prevent paw irritation and debris from getting tangled in their fur. Of course a regular trip to the groomers will sort this all out for you.

In winter your dog’s paws are more susceptible to drying and cracking so apply your paw balm more regularly. Make sure you dry paws if they get wet, as this can contribute to drying and cracking too. If you discover mild cuts, be sure to clean the cut with antibacterial cleanser and apply a bandage on the cut and if you think your dog is in pain, take him or her to the vet.

We’re launching Din Dins Peppermint Paw Balm early next year but in the meantime our dog Pepper is giving it a road test (we’ll let you know her verdict).

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