Top Tips for Firework Fright

Noisy fireworks and bright display lights can be extremely distressing for many pets. Even the most bullish of dogs can tremble at unfamiliar and sudden load noises.

Top tips include walking dogs before dark and the fireworks get going and not leaving them in the house alone.

Cats don’t normally get as upset as dogs but are best kept indoors and in a comfy and quiet spot in your home.

Shut all windows, doors and draw curtains as the flashing lights might start a panic.

Provide chew toys or a favorite blanket or whatever comforts your pet. 

If your dog chooses to hide then that is where they feel safest, so don’t try and drag them out for enforced cuddles. If however your dog decides that the safest place to be is with you then do give him some reassuring contact and affection.

Sounds a bit barking but try playing soft music and relaxing sounds, how about the latest Café del Mar CD or tuning in to Classic FM? You can even turn the T.V up to disguise the hiss and bangs of the fireworks.

Herbal remedies such as Dorwest’s Valerian and Skullcap ( can be very helpful too. Put them in your dog’s dinner before the fireworks start. Many herbs such as chamomile, passiflora, oats (sativa), and St Johns wort can have a calming effect but if your dog is unwell you should first seek advice from a holistic vet. We’ve always found these herbs to be safe given in small doses.

If you like homeopathic flower remedies…a few drops of Bach Flower Essence Rescue remedy or Bush Flower Emergency Essence in the water bowl is another thing you can try. Do this the day before bonfire night and the day following to helps balance your dog’s energy.

Burning calming aromatherapy oils such as lavender can also alleviate stress for any pet. It may even send you into a deep, peaceful sleep! You need to create a tranquil haven before the noise begins as it may be difficult to calm your dog down afterwards – so start burning your candles before the celebrations start.

If you’ve still got questions about looking out for your pet on bonfire night drop us an email.

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