Halloween Dog Biscuits with pumpkin of course!!

We don’t need to tell you but there’s a lot of pumpkin around this time of year. We’ve come up with this special Halloween “inspired” biscuits recipe which is guaranteed to set those puppy tails wagging.

Pumpkin is high in potassium and sodium and has medium GI which means it has a slower release of energy. Pumpkin is also fantastic at at warding off parasites – so keeps those ghouls are bay!

All you need is;

125g Organic Rye Flour or rice flour
2 Organic Eggs
100g Organic oats or millet flakes
100g Organic (if possible) pumpkin
100g Organic (if possible) milled flaxseed
2tbs Organic Sunflower Oil

What you do;

1. Preheat oven to 180C
2. Chop and slice pumpkin and boil until soft, drain and mash
3. Mix together flour and oats in a large bowl with flaxseed
4. Beat the eggs and add the oil then mix in to the dry ingredients and finally add the pumpkin
5. If the mix is too wet add some more flour, too dry add some water – looking for a ball of dough
6. Lightly dust counter with flour and roll with a rolling pin until it is approx 5mm thick
7. Place on baking paper and on a baking sheet and bake for 15- 20 mins
8. Remove from the oven and cut in to small bite size pieces whilst warm or use cutter shapes if you prefer.

Let us know how they turned out! hello@dindins.co.uk

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